wheel with solid tire / polypropylene / trailer
UT series RWM Casters



  • Type:

    with solid tire

  • Material:


  • Applications:


  • Wheel diameter:

    Max.: 16 in

    Min.: 8 in

  • Load capacity:

    Max.: 10,300 lb (4,672 kg)

    Min.: 1,600 lb (726 kg)

  • Tread width:

    Max.: 6 in

    Min.: 3 in


The Ultra Thick Urethane wheels feature thick tread. The tread lessens the contact stresses in the polyurethane in times of high loading and towing.

The wheels provide a chemical and mechanical lock between the core and the urethane. Their temperature ranges from -40° up to 180 °F. Their hub length can be shortened or lengthened to order.

The hardness of the wheels is 92 durometer Shore A. Their bore sizes can be changed.

The wheels are non-marking to floors. They provide a good abrasion and chemical resistance.

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