wheel with solid tire / polyurethane / anti-static
ESD series RWM Casters



  • Type:

    with solid tire

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Wheel diameter:

    6 in, 8 in

  • Load capacity:

    800 lb, 1,000 lb (363 kg)


As casters roll across surfaces an electrical charge is generated. A static dissipative material has medium resistance to electrical flow. This means a static dissipative caster wheel allows electricity to flow through the unit. The static electricity flows through the ESD material and is released into conductive flooring as opposed to being transferred through the cart and
materials being transported. RWM ESD wheels are perfect for carts used within manufacturing plants transporting sensitive goods such as computer chips, circuit boards and any other electronics requiring ESD protection. RWM ESD wheels are non-marking and will also reduce the push/pull force necessary for cart movement.

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