swivel caster / base plate / high load capacity / monobloc
54 series RWM Casters



  • Type:


  • Mount:

    base plate

  • Other characteristics:

    high load capacity, monobloc, steel, rubber, cast iron

  • Tread width:

    Min.: 2.5 in

    Max.: 3 in

  • Wheel diameter:

    Min.: 4.5 in

    Max.: 10 in


The RWM Caster's 54 series is a heavy duty caster that is kingpin style and made in the U.S.A and it happens to be much stronger than the very popular than the 53 series . The 75 and 76 series have ability for quicker deliveries. The volumes produced have the capacity to reduce the cost involved even though they are quite an upgrade on the 54 series. The swivel section has a cold-formed top plate, yoke and button. To prevent brinelling, to improve the swivel action and increase the life, all of these tend to be heat treated. Load and thrust bearings are hardened. Raceway bearings rotate on hardened raceways. The top plate is forged from 3/8" thick steel plate. The 54 series is used for production racks and fixtures, live skids and box trucks, heavy equipment and maintenance carts.

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