monobloc wheel / cast iron / for heavy loads
CI series RWM Casters



  • Type:


  • Material:

    cast iron

  • Applications:

    for heavy loads

  • Wheel diameter:

    Max.: 16 in

    Min.: 3 in

  • Load capacity:

    Max.: 10,000 lb (4,536 kg)

    Min.: 300 lb (136 kg)

  • Tread width:

    Max.: 5 in

    Min.: 1.25 in


The CI series, manufactured by RWM Casters, is a cast iron wheel made of a stronger material than most wheels in today's market. All wheels measuring 1-1/2"+ with roller bearings are equipped with a metal thrust/retainer washer. The bores can come in different sizes.

This wheel can be equipped with a straight roller, annular ball, plain or celcon wheel bearing. It can withstand temperatures from -40°F up to 800°F and is resistant damages from its immediate environment. It is also resistant to mediums such as oils, grease as well as chemicals.

This series has a painted finish and offers a lubrication through the hollow axle. Lubrication fittings can be installed on the hub upon request.

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