wheel with solid tire / polyurethane-coated / cast iron / for heavy loads
INF series RWM Casters



  • Type:

    with solid tire

  • Material:

    polyurethane-coated, cast iron

  • Applications:

    for heavy loads

  • Wheel diameter:

    Max.: 10 in

    Min.: 8 in

  • Load capacity:

    Max.: 6,800 lb (3,084 kg)

    Min.: 2,000 lb (907 kg)

  • Tread width:

    Max.: 4 in

    Min.: 2 in



Here comes a simply of its own kind, most recent engineering inclined, RWM Casters Infinity Wheel, the make of which is carried out from extraordinarily qualified Vulkollan polyurethane which are a chain of urethane connections. These wheels are made as to withstand high wear and tear and have uncommon modern quality. These wheels have unique scraped area safety limit, which is more prominent than the wheels outlined focused around the same innovation.

These wheels have in-defenselessness to a broad cluster of oils, chemicals, however influenced by heated water, acids, alcohols, high stickiness. Notwithstanding substantial span of static stacking .

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