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Grounding stick
S&C Electric Company


Handling Tools

S&C Handling Tools provide convenient, easy operation of S&C fuses, cutouts, and disconnects, as well as those of other manufacture. Each tool consists of a detachable fitting specifically designed for a particular handling operation, which is attached to a universal pole. When required, a pole extension can be connected to the universal pole. S&C Handling Tools offer easier engagement, surer grip, and simpler handling motions than conventional tools. Some can perform operations not possible with conventional tools.

The design of each S&C Handling Tool reflects extensive operating experience. Each has been field-tested to demonstrate that it offers the best possible performance for a particular task.

S&Cs Loadbuster® is a light-weight, easy-to-use loadbreak tool that brings load-switching capability to fuses, cutouts, and disconnects.


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