tension/compression load cell / S-beam / high-precision / precision
546 QDT S2Tech srl



  • Type:


  • Form:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-precision, precision, digital, analog, IP65, rugged

  • Rated load:

    220 kg, 330 kg, 550 kg, 1,000 kg (485.02 lb)


Bending parallelogram 546 QDT
The transducers of this product series are suited for traction / compression loads – with a measuring range from 0 to ± 220 Kg, ±330 Kg, ±550 Kg or ±1.000 Kg – that can be supplied in:

A version without an (mV/V) amplifier
with a voltage or current amplifier
with built-in digital electronics
with characterization in N
They are high-precision, reliable at an affordable price, easy to install and for general use, in industrial automation applications

Measuring range (traction and compression): from 0 to ±220, ±330, ±550, ±1.000 Kg FS.

Built-in electronics (optional): analog and digital amplifiers
Environmental Protection: IP65
Compensation against offset loads
Rugged and reliable
Excellent quality/price ratio
Easy to install
EC Marking(EN 50081-2: 1994 / EN 50082-2: 1995)
Categories: Compression, Load Cells, Traction, Traction and Compression

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