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Steel wheel type roller


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SAACKE helps you meet your demanding work schedule with our rib manufacturing tools for chillers. Could you imagine modern automotive technology without chillers? Chilling systems are responsible for a smooth functioning engines and for a pleasant air conditioning temperatures. Numerous well-known manufacturers of chillers are using our SAACKE form rollers due to our experience.

SAACKE offers the following services to you:

Construction and manufacturing of profile rollers for producing ribs for oil- water-, air- and exhaust gas- chillers
SAACKE quality maintenance and grinding services
Grinding services for competition products
Production of assembly- and drive units
Production of cutting discs made from all common high-speed and powder-metal-steels like HSS/EMo5Co5, PM 30, PM-S390 or solid carbide in all K- and P-types.
If requested SAACKE deliveres all common coatings e.g. TiN, TiCN, TiALN, AlCrN.


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