sectional door / exterior / industrial
Overdoor 569 SACIL HLB



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  • Applications:

    exterior, industrial


Designed for closing compartments for small, medium and large sizes.
Architecturally fits both in commercial and industrial applications.
Sliding rotation of ceiling panels only 500 mm of headroom.
Mantle suspended and balanced by upper shaft complete with a group torsion springs calculated based on the weight of the mantle of the door.
Modular panels in galvanized and prepainted, calibrated polystyrene insulation (or polyurethane), thickness 42 mm.
Guide rails and fittings in galvanized steel.
Safety devices of series against accidental breakage of cables and springs.
For the installation of the door and 'must have a lintel "carrier" means the weight of the door rests on the shaft of the suspension.
Drive manual series but also available with manual hoist with a scaler for opening more 'easy or motorized version.
There are a wide range of accessories such as portholes', steps, walkways, ventilation grids.

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