Automatic labeler / pressure-sensitive / high-speed
max. 60 000 p/h | Opera Sacmi Labelling


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Opera pressure sensitive is a labelling machine equipped with one or more labelling station. It guarantees the perfect application of one or more self-adhesive labels on the same container at very high production speeds.
It is equipped with the HS04 Labelling Station which dispenses self-adhesive labels at a linear velocity of 120 m/min.

The wedge shaped station makes it perfect for installation on both rotating and linear labelling machines. The same shape allows the installation of two labelling stations in parallel. It guarantees the non stop MASTER SLAVE function, that permits the machine to continue to function without stopping during label reel replacement or if anomalies are found.
The Opera Pressure Sensitive system can be equipped with:
- camera vision system to carry out labelling quality control
- Servomotors for the rotation of the containers
- Print variable data
- optical or mechanical orientation system.


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