Electric press brake
50 t | E-Brake B 50-1250 SAFANDARLEY BV

The very competitively priced basic version of the servo-electronic press brake. Technologically identical to the SafanDarley E-Brake, but with a more basic design, complete standard version and limited optional features. The machines come complete with tool clamping systems for New standard tools (NS version) or Europeanstyle version (ES version)

A choice from 5 models with a pressure force of 20 to 100 tons:
20T -850 mm - 35T -1250 mm - 50T- 2050 mm -
80T-2550 mm - 100T-3100 mm
Q sizes: - 590 mm (NS version) or 650 mm (ES version)
Servo-electronic drive with a single pulley system
Up to 50% energy savings
No need for crowning
Bending speeds of up to 20 mm/sec.,
bending cycle times cut by up to 30%
SafanDarley TS 1 control comes standard
(numerical display of bending parameters)
Optional features include SafanDarley Easy 2D for 2D programming or SafanDarley TS 2
2D bending simulation in combination with off-line programming or optionally E-Control 1 or 2 Optional integrated safety-light screen
Stable backgauge that operates across the full working width of the machine.
CNC-controlled X and Y axes
Large stroke length: 300 mm (150 mm for E-Brake 20T)


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