Hydraulic press brake / CNC / robotic
R-Brake 100T-3100 SAFANDARLEY BV


  • Operation:


  • Control type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Press force:

    1000 kN

  • Folding length:

    3100 mm


The SafanDarley R-Brake is a brand new bending cell technology that is set on the SafanDarley E-Brake press brake. For the SafanDarley R-Brake press brake, the press brake and robot are embedded into one system. The robotic arm can be moved horizontally along with a 6 meter traverse that is set on top of the press brake. A feat of bending cell automation guarantees that the surface in front of the press brake is able to position discharge and sheet feed tables.

The specifications of the SafanDarley R-Brake 100T-3100 include 100 tons, cutting length 3100 mm pressure force, onsite robotic arm with 50 kg capacity and optional 70 kg, 6 meters traverse length, all the perks of SafanDarley E-Brake technology, ships with a regular zero table, seamless and speedy changeover to manual bending, vision system optional, traverse system can be elongates to 10 meters optional, double sheet detection with the help of a weighing sensor optional, optional pre-positioner for sheet feed and off-line programming with SafanDarley and the inclusion of RoboWave simulation software.


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