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Universal turning center / 2-axis / surfacing / for valve balls
max. ø 1 750 mm, 15 000 daN | BALL MATIC SAFOP


  • Spindle orientation:


  • Number of axes:


  • Associated function:


  • Applications:

    for valve balls


Ball Matic are machining centers to turn and grind the sphere of ball valves. Ball Matic line consists of 4 different models depending on the different maximum internal diameter of the ball (in inches): Ball Matic 24", 36", 48" and 64".
Depending on the Ball Matic model they are with a single bed (Ball Matic 24" and 36"), double bed (Ball Matic 48") or three beds (Ball Matic 64").

The turning unit consist on a Turret (Ball Matic 24") or a Blade (Ball Matic 36", 48" and 64"). The machines are also equipped with a workpiece probe to check the center of the ball. For the Ball Matic 36" and 48" model it is also available an Automatic tool changer for the turning tools.

The grinding operation is performed with grinding Cups where the Stone supports are fixed. Thanks to this unique system the best results in terms of geometry of the ball are obtained. The clamping system of the cups is of hydraulic type in order to facilitate the changing necessary machine balls with different diameters. For the Ball Matic 24" model a two position Automatic cup changer is available as option.

In the Ball Matic 36", 48" and 64" models the grinding unit is equipped with a vertical axis in to facilitate and to make possible a rapid alignment of the grinding unit with the ball center.

All the Ball Matic machines are completely enclosed with Protections equipped with sliding doors for an easy access to the machine. The high performances of these machines is also proved by the fact that they are used from the most important Ball Valves Producers all around the world.

Maximum diameter of hole mm 1.220 (48”)
Maximum ball diameter mm 1.750
Maximum work piece load daN 15.000


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