AC voltage detector
12 - 1 000 V | PRO 12 Volt Stick SAGAB


  • Measured value:

    AC voltage


The PRO 12 Volt Stick, with its forked tip (patented), has an unsurpassed voltage range and increased selectivity. This is because the maximum sensitivity is between the two prongs of the fork. Outside the fork the sensitivity is low, so external interference fields have little effect.

Measuring on larger objects that do not fit into the fork-shaped tip, is done by using the included adapter. While not in use the adapter fits on top of the battery lid.

General Features:

Unique forked tip gives unsurpassed selectivity at 12 – 24 VAC and reduces the risk of spurious indications.
Live cables can easily be detected in equipment enclosures, fuse boxes, etc.
Wiring and connections can also be easily checked in low voltage equipment.
Extremely safe when measuring in junction boxes at 12-24 VAC.
With the supplied adapter, anti-tamper earthed 230V outlets can be checked.
Powerful red light in the tip to indicate voltage.
Fully insulated for safe use.


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