AC voltage detector / with buzzer
230 - 1 000 V | SOUND Volt Stick SAGAB


  • Measured value:

    AC voltage

  • Options and accessories:

    with buzzer


The SOUND Volt Stick is an instrument for safely checking the presence of an AC voltage in cables, wall sockets, fuses, junction boxes, etc.
No current flow is needed for correct operation. Voltage indication by means of both a bright red light signal at the tip and a buzzer.

Low battery indicator. When the buzzer does not sound while measuring, the batteries must be changed.

Example applications:

Locating breaks in cables from outside the insulation.
Detecting blown fuses in fuse or distribution boxes.
Distinguishing between live and neutral in single and three phase installations.
Identifying live cables in junction boxes.
Checking connected switches.
Locating faulty lamps in series connections
(Christmas tree lights).


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