Digital multimeter / autoranging
max. 600 V, max. 4 A | SMM 203 SAGAB


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This unique digital multimeter makes testing a circuit or component as simple as pushing the power button. The SMM 203 instantly displays the correct measurement value. There is nothing for the user to select as the tool does this for you! Circuit testing couldn’t be easier with this innovative hand held digital multimeter, which also has an input for current measurement.
The SMM 203 uses intelligent technology ensuring that the correct measurement value is automatically selected for the job in hand. If there is a voltage over +0,7V or – 0,12V, or AC voltage is over 3VRMS, the instrument switch to voltage measuring. If there is a resistance below 40 MΩ, the instrument measure resistance.
By moving one of the leads to the input for current measurement it is possible to measure current up to 4A.
Designed to give trouble free operation in the hardest of working environments the rugged construction is suited to both workshop or field based use.
SMM 203 is supplied with batteries and thin, flexible silicone-insulated leads.


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