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100 - 240 V | VS3 SAGAB


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“The tracker dog” VS3 is a combi instrument for troubleshooting and checking electrical installations.

The instrument has four functions:

Socket tester
Phase identifier
Fuse identifier
RCD tester

The transmitter communicates with the receiver by radio. It also emits current pulses via the mains that can be detected by the receiver’s sensitive current sensor. This enables the identification of the fuse for a specific wall socket.

VS3 can be used to locate a voltage-conducting socket and also to distinguish between phase and neutral, even in the case of childproof and earthed sockets. With the transmitter connected to a socket, information is then also provided concerning the phase relationship of a second socket or an appliance relative to the socket to which the transmitter is connected. The phase for the socket to which the transmitter is connected is always “Phase 1”, and the socket or appliance being checked can thus be indicated as “Phase 1”, “Phase 2” or “Phase 3”.
The receiver also works without a transmitter, when it becomes a very sensitive analogue “Volt Stick”.

It is also possible to test 30 mA RCDs. VS3 shows the tripping time.


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