boot crimping machine / semi-automatic / pneumatic
CT FORMA SAGITTA Officina Meccanica S.p.A.



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    for boots

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Oil-pneumatic upper crimping machine for shoes and boots. CT FORMA shapes the front of the upper to
make it adhere better to the last and to facilitate the lasting operation. The upper is shaped through the
combination of mechanical action, which clamps it between a couple of jaws previously shaped, and the
heat of the plate, which warps the fibres of the upper and stabilises them in the shaped position. At the
end of the operation the upper is lastingly shaped.

The machine is made in 2 models:
- with equipment for shoe
- with equipment for boots and ankle boots

Technical Data
Plate temperature adjustable
Crimping stroke adjustable
Lenght of working adjustable
Hydraulic pressure adjustable up to 55 bar
Pneumatic pressure adjustable from 3 to 8 bar
Power absorbed max. 2,7 kW
Power supply three-phase 400V 50/60 Hz

Machine dimension: cm. 69 x 74 x 140 h.
Machine weight Kg. 350