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Diamond-coated cutting disc / for steel
Saint-Gobain Diamantwerkzeuge


  • Disc material:


  • Material to be cut:

    for steel


Hard, short chipping materials are cut with diamond or cBN cut-off wheels.
Diamond cut-off wheels are - amongst others - used for glass, ceramics and tungsten carbide, cBN cut-off wheels are used for hard materials with a high affinity to carbon like steel or certain magnetic materials. Diamond cutting wheels are also used in food and medical industry, as they are working almost residue-free. A variety of bonds was developed in order to cover all fields of application. The cutting rim is made out of sintered metal, resin or out of an electroplated bond, interspersed with diamond or cBN grit. Each combination of abrasive material, grit size, bond and concentration results in specific tool features and can easily be adapted to your individual requirement.
The following table shows a variety of materials and the corresponding specifications.


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