O-ring seal / fluoroelastomer / chemical-resistant / hydraulic
OmniFlexTM series Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics



  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    chemical-resistant, hydraulic

  • Temperature limit:

    Max.: 218 °C (424.4 °F)

    Min.: -57 °C (-70.6 °F)


The OmniFlex Fluoroelastomer O-Rings from Saint-Gobain are highly-efficient sealing solutions used in aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, life sciences and the industrial sector. The material of these O-rings is resistant to chemicals, has a softer durometer and better compression-set and does not react with the chemical media employed in various machines and equipment.

The material of the OmniFlex™ can withstand temperatures as low as -57°C and as high as 218°C. OmniFlex units are compatible with standard O-rings and low friction hydraulic seals and can be made available for custom sizes. With exceptional wear resistance and high-quality performance, these are ideal for hydraulic systems, braking systems, robotic equipment and medical devices.