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The ILUEST+CR series of advanced lighting flow dimmer-stabilisers from SALICRU, takes over from its highly successful and field-tested predecessor, has vast improvements in critical aspects of modularity, power density, protection and telemanagement. As a result, greater flexibility in areas of power growth, maintenance, commissioning and equipment integration can be better realized along with superior reliability and shorter payback periods.


* Bi-directional ‘Buck’ converter with IGBTs, electronic, static and
* Continuous regulation of the output voltage, no voltage steps; higher lamp lifetime.
* Lineal and programming ramps.
* High response time.
* Stabilisation better than ± 1% + saving voltage periods = savings > 40%.
* LCD display, as standard.
* Protections with automatic programming rearm due to overload and overtemperature.
* Protections with fuses and against lightning arrestors.
* Automatic bypass per phase, independent operating, manual
operating, active by default and break before make.
* RS-232 port + MODBUS protocol, as standard.
* SICRES telemanagement card built in completely.
* Duty cycle adapted to the warm up curve of the lamp.
* Programming of two saving levels and start voltage via LCD display.
* Average payback of the i
nvestment between 6 and 24 months.
* Low weight and dimensions, higher power density.
* No harmonic injection to mains.
* SLC Greenergy solution.