Oil tank / polyethylene / waste oil collection
ECOIL series SALL Srl


  • Product applications:


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    waste oil collection

  • Capacity:

    500 l (132.09 gal)


Ecoil is a series of containers by Sall that is specialized for the collection and storage of waste oil. These containers are offered in two different capacities and seven colors for proper identification of contained oils. They are made of highly-density polyethylene that are UV stabilized. They have a rotational monolithic molding and are 100% recyclable. They are easy to install and is in no need for any special arrangement. They are capable of resisting all kinds of weather which allow to be put outdoors without the contamination caused by water infiltration.

Ecoil containers feature a vertical cylindrical design with self-support structure with a flat bottom and doomed top. The rectangular filter drop trays are removable in order to transfer or pick the waste oil.


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