grease pump / pneumatic / piston / high-pressure
PumpMaster 60 series SAMOA Industrial, S.A.



  • Media:


  • Operation:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-pressure, trial

  • Pressure:

    7 bar, 560 bar (101.526 psi)


PM60 grease pump, pressure ratio 80:1 - 180 kg (A) - (BSP 532810, NPT 532811)
SAMOA industrial grease pumps have been specifically designed to pump today?s high viscosity greases and viscous lubricants at high flow rates and to lead the competition in technology and innovation. SAMOA manufactures a full range of Heavy-Duty, high efficiency, air powered, double acting, positive displacement piston pumps.
Our wide range of pumps provides the necessary confidence to offer solutions for fast moving large volumes of grease.
We have available: 12:1 and 80:1 ratio pumps. Contact us!

Model: 80 MA
Air motor size (Ø): 150 mm
Pump ratio: 80:1
Container type: 180 kg (A)
Dimensions (X-Y-Z): 516 - 855 - 50 (mm)
Max. air pressure: 7 bar
Max. fluid pressure: 560 bar
Displacement per cycle: 50 cc
Standard flow rate: 2,5 kg/min
Maximum flow rate: 8 kg/min
Weight: 27 kg

IMPORTANT: SAMOA manufactures a lot of versions of this pump, with different ratios and applications, consult us!