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diesel pump / air-driven / diaphragm / industrial
DF250 SAMOA Industrial, S.A.



  • Media:

    for diesel

  • Operation:


  • Type:


  • Domain:


  • Other characteristics:

    OEM, distribution

  • Flow:

    250 l/min (66.043 us gal/min)


Air operated diaphragm pumps - DF250 metallic pump (554010)

The DF 250 is a metallic pump engineered by Samoa. It is suitable for use in fluid conveying, as well as spray, evacuation, transfer and distribution systems.

The pump is constructed in a robust and world patented design (Directflo). It is operated by air, with a flow rate of 250 l/min.

Body: Aluminium
Diaphragms: Hytrel®
Ball valves: Acetal
Other wetted parts: Acetal, NBR, acero inox
Applications: Lubricants, oils, waste oil, water and diesel.

IMPORTANT: SAMOA manufactures a lot of versions of this pump, with different materials and applications, consult us!