stationary chamfering and deburring machine


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The CDA 250 H is ideal for chamfering and deburring cylindrical spur and bevel gears in a single operation before heat treatment. Moreover, cylindrical spur and bevel gears can also be simultaneously chamfered, rolled and deburred using special, patented Samputensili tools. Machining special profile gears (such as gears with connecting radii or inclined faces) is made simple with specially designed tools by Samputensili. This machine is suitable for medium to large batch production and, with integrated automation, it can reach particularly high rates of productivity. The CDA 250 H comes equipped with either a swing-arm or gantry loader.
The swing-arm loader excels for its simple design, comprising a swivelling arm and double collet. The pick-and-place system makes it easy to integrate this machine on an existing production line. Different workpiece types can be horizontally or vertically picked up and set down. In general additional automation is not required, and the machine is designed for connection to an automated workpiece conveyor system.
An optional gantry loader is also available which is best integrated on an existing production line. A pick-and-place arm travels across a gantry guideway, and picks workpieces up straight from the hobbing machine and deposits them, ready for the next phase, after the chamfering and deburring operation.
The product that is right for you depends on your own preferences and on the most technically suitable solution for your application. We would be delighted to advise you accordingly.


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