SSD hard disk drive / SATA
MZ Series Samsung Semiconductor


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Increase energy efficiency while avoiding drive wear and tear

Samsung's flash-based SSDs help maintain 24 x 7 uptime for mission-critical servers, RAID systems, and network-attached storage. For mobile devices, Samsung SSDs offer small form factor and light weight, together with low power consumption in active and idle modes to lengthen battery life. Because SSDs have no moving parts, they start up instantly and are not subject to the physical wear and tear that can gradually degrade the reliability of traditional hard disk drives.

Design advantages of Samsung SSDs include:

Accelerated read and write operations with outstanding multitasking capabilities
Varied interfaces enabling connections to different types of host devices
Exceptional durability with high shock and vibration tolerance

Samsung maintains outstanding quality control over the design and production of its SSDs, from NAND flash and DRAM components to controllers and firmware. Samsung's leadership in the SSD market is a direct result of unmatched expertise in semiconductor technology, along with our demonstrated ability to design and develop memory solutions in-house.


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