shell-end milling cutter / insert / shoulder / for metal
CoroMill® Sandvik Coromant USA



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    for metal

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Sandvik offers shoulder cutters which have been designed for a range of operations.

CoroMill® 490 makes the most out of smaller machines with taper size of spindles as 30-40, making a lot of tools in stock as redundant. The main use of these machines is in shallow cutting of castings and forgings to produce near-net shape. The combination of a light and accurate cutting action along with low force is ideal for batch production as well as depths-of-cut of small size. A finished product is delivered in a single pass.

CoroMill 390 in combination with the Coromant Capto® tool holding system can deliver the most stable and shortest set up for high performance in metal removal. This, in combination with the latest insert generation grades provide an uncompromised solution.