indexable insert drill bit / multi-purpose / carbide / high-productivity
CoroDrill 880 Sandvik Coromant USA



  • Type:

    indexable insert

  • Drilled material:


  • Drill bit material:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-productivity, twist

  • Diameter :

    Min.: 12 mm

    Max.: 84 mm


This indexable drill was designed with a strong drill body, as well as a periphery-insert that comes with the unique Step Technology allowing perfect cutting force balance. High performance is provided in all workpiece materials, while the manufacturer also guarantees productivity that is higher by up to 100%. The improved surface finish, closer hole tolerance and suitability for true cutting edges are other important advantages.

In terms of the applications, these include general drilling, helical interpolation, drilling concave, convex and angled surfaces, as well as plunge drilling and crossholes. Features include dedicated geometries and grades available for all materials, while the drill body is stronger than in most other products and the chip channels are optimized for accelerated evacuation.

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