high-accuracy boring tool / fine
ø 19 - 315 mm | CoroBore 825/826 Sandvik Coromant USA



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    high-accuracy, fine


The first choice for all fine boring is either the CoroBore 825 or the CoroBore 826. A broad range of inserts is available with the CoroTurn 107 and CoroTurn 111.

The CoroBore 825/CoroBore 826 have dedicated grades and geometries for all materials. The best surface finish is achieved with the wiper geometry. The highest level of stability is ensured by the design of the cartridge. Cutting fluid is provided through the tool.

The CoroBore 825 has a 19-315mm diameter (.748-12.401") while the CoroBore 826 has a 150-315mm diameter (5.906-12.401"). Radial adjustments can be made to the tools in order for one tool to be able to cover a particular diameter range.

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