Through coolant lathe tool holder
Sandvik Coromant USA

Improved chip control and extended tool life are two key benefits of Sandvik Coromant's new CoroTurn HP high pressure coolant system. This new system is a unique combination of Coromant Capto and CoroTurn HP (high pressure) design that harnesses the machining possibilities afforded by high pressure coolants which lead to increased productivity or as much as 50% increased tool life in some materials.

The Coromant Capto coupling channels the coolant through the turret or spindle and accurately positions it on the spot that most needs it (not possible using shank tool holders). This new system can be used in any machine equipped with high pressure coolant and Capto coupling, including multi-task machines, vertical turning lathes (VTL) and turning centres.

CoroTurn HP penetrates the heat affected zone via a high pressure coolant jet delivered through small nozzles to cool the insert faster, more effectively and allow optimal chip control. The jet creates a hydraulic wedge between the top surface of the insert and the underside of the chip being removed from the component or material, helping to reduce insert wear and break the chip into smaller pieces for quicker evacuation from the cutting edge. The nozzles, mounted closer to the insert cutting edge, help increase the velocity of the coolant jet at lower pressures and keep the insert freely accessible for easy indexing.


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