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Gear hob

Solid Carbide Hobs are a form of metal cutting tool. They are used in the production of gears primarily. These gears are in all sorts of everyday tools and applications each of us see daily. This could range from watches to cars or about any kind of mechanical device. Hobs are also used to produce teeth on saw blades or any similar form. This type of product is very difficult to produce due to the complicated shapes and geometries.

Case Description

Sandvik has satisfied various customers with the quality of our blanks and the consistanty of our parts batch to batch. Due to the complex geometry many suppliers are not able to provide a near net shape of the blank. Sandvik has perfected ways of shaping and heating the carbide to make these tough shapes much easier.The combination of the proper grade choice and the competitve blank Sandvik supplies has provided our customers with winning combination they can provide to their customers.



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