multi-function drilling rig / crawler / tophammer / hydraulic
DP1100i Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology



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Sandvik Dp1100i is a smart, pressure driven, self-impelled, crawler-based surface top sledge boring apparatus. It is equipped completely and produces data, among others, on the state of the drill and the work performed. With great penetrating parameter set up, a progressed ROPS/FOPS affirmed wellbeing lodge, great perceivability and orderly inconvenience instructions, one can surely enjoy drilling.

The DPi series with specialized results respect the nature. The Dpi apparatuses devour 15% less fuel and is available in comparatively accepted models. In standard 2500 yearly motor hours, this device decrease 35 tons in Co2 emissions.

The features and qualities of this device incldue - intelligent generation drill rig, advanced client interface, easily customizable boring control framework, excellent solidness because of advanced focal point of gravity, smart part format and Gullwing-sort entryways for simplicity of administration, excellent perceivability, remote access primed, low fuel utilization and Co2 discharges.

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