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Combined roof bolter and continuous miner
2 - 3.6 m | MB300 series Sandvik Mining and Sandvik Construction

The Sandvik Bolter Miner MB300 series is designed for rapid roadway development in lower seams. In higher seams it achieves high advance rates for efficient longwall development and coal production.
Cutting unit is mounted on a slide to enable simultaneous cutting and bolting.
Due to the fully shielded cutting area, an optimum of comfort and safety for the operator is provided.
The machines are in flameproof design, according to country regulations, e.g. SANS (South Africa).

* Features and values

* Simultaneous cutting and bolting operation with on board roof bolters
* Enhanced stability due to canopy and smooth floor treatment - no movements of crawler tracks during sumping and cutting action
* One independent cutting-loading-conveying unit placed on a longitudinal slide for best loading efficiency of up to 25 tonnes/min
* Integrated high-pressure-water dust suppression system and on board scrubber
* Fully supported roof for operator safety due to support canopy behind the cutterdrum
* Shielded bolting platforms for optimum operator safety and comfort
* Integrated radio-remote and control system
* Electronic controlled sump and shear movement to optimize the cutting sequence
* Automatic cutting cycle for optimum operation and machine utilization
* Machine health monitoring/data logging


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