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Combined roof bolter and continuous miner
1.8 - 3.65 m | MB400 series Sandvik Mining and Sandvik Construction

The Sandvik Bolter Miner MB400 series is a rapid roadway development machine designed for coal mining operations.
The machines “sumping slide” design allows cutting and loading to occur simultaneously with the installation of roof bolts.

The MB400 series is designed with a sumping head and loading pan mounted on a slide to enable simultaneous cutting and bolting. Bolter stations are located on both sides of the machine directly behind the loading pan for maximum operator comfort and safety. This also enables roof bolts to be installed very close to the face providing a more stable roof.
Integration of well proven technology into one machine has resulted in a machine with better advance rates under tough mining and restricted space conditions.
Two models are available, tailored to suit a wide range of operating heights.
The machines are in flameproof design, according to country regulations, i.e. MSHA (USA).

* Features

* Simultaneous cutting/loading and bolting operation - maximum advance rates
* Minimized distance of roof bolting machines to the cutting face
* Stabilizing system for increased roof support during mining and Automatic Temporary Roof Support (ATRS) for operator safety
* Integrated radio-remote control system
* No movements of track chains during sumping into the coal face - reduced floor damage
* Electronic controlled sump movement to optimize the cutting sequence
* Top and floor level control system for cutting unit
* Easy maneuverability due to short machine body and retraction facility on cutting drum and loading apron
* Optional data logging system


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