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Continuous miner
1.2 - 3.4 m | MB200 series Sandvik Mining


The MB200 series Sandvik Bolter Miner aims at increasing the concurrent cut and bolt, development rates and is structured for instant approach roadway development. It is equipped with bolting rigs, four ceiling bolters along with two rib bolters that can be used to set up close distance bolts for higher security and strength.

The MB200 series consists of a sumping head and loading pan attached onto a slide and can be accessed in three different models designed to suit various operating lengths. This advanced technology machine is capable of withstanding harsh mining and small area conditions. Additionally, the machine versions are tested for usage in underground coal mines in various countries including USA (MSHA), South Africa (SANS), Europe (ATEX), Australia (ANZEX), China (MA), and CIS (GOST)


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