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Rotary indexer / globoidal cam / right-angle / for clean rooms
ED-R series Sankyo America


  • Motion:


  • Type:

    globoidal cam, right-angle

  • Applications:

    for clean rooms


Sankyo's ED/Ecological Series features a nickel plated steel housing machine from a billet to add extra strength. All sides are machined smooth, to tolerance with mounting holes on all sides. The output features a flange for mounting dial plates, hub less sprockets or weldment fixtures with the shaft acting as the center pilot. The shaft portion can be cut to length or used with a torque limiting clutch to mount a dial plate or couple to a shaft. A globoidal cam rotates Sankyo made needle bearing type cam followers. Optimizing the cam follower diameter inherently maximizes torque transfer and extends the life hours due to fewer rotations with increased surface contact. Multiple index periods offer continuous or on demand duty cycles with the indexing flange locking in position within 30 arc seconds during the dwell period. The output flange turret is mounted with top and bottom tapered bearings which supports large bending moments, maintain rigidity and reliability.

These versatile units index in both directions or oscillate by reversing the motor. Most units are driven with geared motors that are within the height of the index unit housing. There is no need for spacers or burning a hole in the mounting plate to accommodate for drive height interference. An optional TF series torque limiter safety clutch mounts between the index and indexing dial plate or a TC series acts a coupler for shaft to shaft applications. Torque thresholds are easily adjusted without any disassembly and a proximity sensor detects overloads.


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