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Variax VG-D, VGM series Sankyo America

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gripper feeder gripper feeder - Variax VG-D, VGM series


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The theme for developing the VG-D/VGM was "a compact and high performance gripper feed". The VG-D/VGM was based on the VARIAX VG Series to perform high-speed and high accuracy feeds without scratching the materials at all. The VG-D/VGM is a more compact type with all the excellent features of the VG series. The VG-D/VGM can be mounted directly on a bolster and it is also suitable for combined work.

Connectors and other small high-precision machining and precision necessary to press for the development of pitch GURIPPAFIDO feed equipment specifications. VG series based on the traditional high single-digit micron unit from the length of the next set. The delicate and easy to set the length of feed you can do, together with the delicate position that requires precision machining and press.