salt spray test chamber / humidity and temperature
SM-Y-120D Sanwood Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.



  • Type:

    salt spray, humidity and temperature


Product description:
Temperature and humidity and salt spray test chamber can simulate the closest to the actual natural conditions in accelerated corrosion test , do the combination test with several times harsh than the natural environment, such as salt spray, dry and humid, static in room temperature, low temperature, etc, can be operated under any order or tested individually.

Product main parameters:
1. Standard chamber inner dimension(W*H*Dmm):
900*600*500, 1200*800*500, 1600*1000*500, 2000*1200*600
2. Temperature range: -20C, -10V, RT~80C
3. Humidity range: 20%~98%
4. Temperature&humidity uniformity: ± 0.1C, ±2.0%RH/ ±0.5C,±2.0RH
5. Salt solution temperature: 35~50C
6.Spray amount:1.0~2.0ml/80cm2/h

Product features:
1. Using the latest digital display color touch screen temperature and humidity controller

2. With USB interface, the temperature and humidity test curve can be fully recorded and downloaded to the U disk.

3. Control mode: temperature, humidity, temperature and humidity, can do program alternative control

4. Program group capacity: 250 Pattern (Group), 12500Step (paragraph), each program can be set up to Repest50 segment.

5. Each execution mode time can be arbitrarily set 0-540 hours 59 minutes.

6. Each group can be arbitrarily set part of the cycle of 1-32000 back or all of the cycle 1-3200 back.

7. Have the power failure memory function, can continue to test execution after power recovery.

8. Computer can be connected with RS232 interface.