temperature test chamber / ultra-low-temperature / stainless steel / for energy saving
SM-64L Sanwood Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.



  • Type:


  • Options and accessories:

    ultra-low-temperature, stainless steel

  • Applications:

    for energy saving

  • Capacity:


    Min.: 27 m³ (953.5 ft³)

    Max.: 64 m³ (2260.14 ft³)

  • Temperature:

    Max.: 180 °C (356 °F)

    Min.: -85 °C (-121 °F)


Product features:
1. Temperature range: -85C~+180C, temperature accuracy is ± 0.5C
2.1000 hour operation without evaporator frosting at low temperature
3. Refrigeration non heating control system power saving more than 30%
4. Automatically and effectively take away the heat from the test object.
5. 5.7 inch touch screen control system with multi language, Ethernet E
Management , USB data storage function, APP mobile platform management

Main parameters:
1. Standard inner volume: 64Litres(400*400*400mm)
2. Temperature range:-85℃~+180℃
3. Temperature uniformity:±1℃ (no load)
4. Temperature fluctuation:±0.5℃ (no load)
5. Temperature deviation:±2℃
6. Heating rate:3.0~5.0℃/min
7. Cooing rate:1.0~3.0℃/min
8.Inner chamber material: 1.5mm stainless steel (SUS#316)
9.Outer chamber material: 1.2mm cold rolled steel sheet, powder spraying
10. Heat insulating material: polyurethane board + mineral wool
11. Fan: Impeller fan
12. Compressor: closed type
13. Condenser: Air-cooled
14. Refrigerant: R404A, R23A
15. Evaporator: Air-cooled plate fin cooler
16. Heater: Nickel iron alloy heating wire
17. Ambient temperature: +5℃~+35℃
18. Safety: Cut off the control circuit, over temperature protection, overload relay, refrigerator protection circuit, leakage cut-off machine, external alarm scripts, water shortage alarm
19. Power supply: AC220V,1/N, 50Hz or AC380V,3/N, 50Hz