electromagnetic test chamber / vibration / automatic / horizontal
SM-VT series Sanwood Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.



  • Type:

    vibration, electromagnetic

  • Options and accessories:

    automatic, horizontal, vertical


Frequency range(Hz): 2~2500, 2~3000, 2~4000
Max exciting force( kgf): 300~5000

Product applications:
SM-VT series electromagnetic vibration testing machine is used to simulate vibration environment under the experimental conditions, to test the impact strength and reliability in a variety of vibration test and application filed. In the laboratory the vibration machine is able to simulate sinusoidal, random resonance search and resident, typical shock and road simulation,etc. It’s essential for quality guarantee of products, and RD of new products.

Product structure and standard complied:
Shaking table, power amplifier and vibration test control system composed of a complete set of vibration testing system, in accordance with the relevant national and international standards (such as: MIL-STD, DIN, ISO, ASTM, IEC, ISTA, GB, GJB, JIS, BS, etc.)