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Construction motor grader
SAG120-3 SANY Group Co.,Ltd


  • Applications:

    for construction


The World's First Hydraulic-Mechanical Transmission System
Powerful Transmission
Combines advantages of both hydraulic and mechanical transmission
Rear axle applies no-spin differential lock technology, enhancing synchronization
A powerful rotary motor and worm-gear case with overload protection provides the blade maximum power in leveling.

Smart Operations
Automatic gears are easy to operate and highly efficient
Speed range and initial gear settings can be automatically set by the operator
Intelligent reversal technology reduces the time to change directions

Safety and Comfort
Step-less speed change, low gear-shifting impact and comfortable operation
Joystick requires less exertion of physical force and less distance, which is able to realize synchronous actions
Fail proof triple braking system (travel braking, park braking and hydraulic system assistance braking) ensures safety

Convenient Maintenance
Wider cabin doors on both sides give way to more accessible maintenance
Electronic devices and filters are centrally positioned for convenience


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