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Medium excavator / crawler / for construction / mining and quarrying
SY75 SANY Group Co.,Ltd


  • Product line:


  • Locomotion:


  • Applications:

    for construction, mining and quarrying, forestry, for tunnels, landfill, for underground mining

  • Motor type:


  • Pollution control standard:

    Tier 4 - intermediate, Tier 3

  • Other characteristics:


  • Operating weight:

    Min.: 0 kg (0 lb)

    Max.: 7280 kg (16049.65 lb)

    7280 kg (16049.65 lb)

  • Engine power:

    Min.: 2100 kW (2816.15 hp)

    Max.: 2100 kW (2816.15 hp)

    2000 kW (2682.04 hp)


SY75C small excavator is designed with high engine output power, fast speed and high fuel efficiency, suitable for demanding jobsites.

Superior Performance

1. Powerful Engine
SANY four-cylinder engine and four stroke direct-injection provides a stronger power for the excavator.

2. Auto Deceleration System
Auto deceleration reduces fuel consumption by 5-10%. The engine speed drops automatically to idle level and maintains the idling state when the operation stops for 3.5 seconds.

3. Faster Operating Speed
A quick return line is added to the arm oil cylinder circuit, considerably improving the operating efficiency at low energy consumption. Main pump delivery increases from 149 liters to l68 liters. Faster speed is achieved in separate operation.

4. Innovative Dozer Blade
Equipped with an innovative dozer blade that has an increased magnitude of moving up and down, SY75C 7.28 ton excavator is very suitable for complex operating conditions, such as road construction and burying pipelines or cables.

5. Environmentally Friendly
Keep exhaust emission in line with EPA interim Tier2/EU Stage ⅢB Emission Standards, the engine is environmentally friendly.

Safe and Comfortable Operating Environment

1. Innovative Large Cab
The newly-designed cab with much room and larger windows provides you with a wider view.

2. Air-conditioner with Multiple Air Outlets
High quality air conditioner provides better cooling effect and creates a more comfortable operating environment by automatically regulating the temperature and humidity inside the cab.

Bucket Capacity:0.28m³ Conditions: City construction, landscape engineering, infrastructure construction in rural areas, stone field


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