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Cold planer
SCM200-3C SANY Group Co.,Ltd


Sany SCM200-3 cold planer adopting the mechanical belt drive realizing the construction efficiency that is over 1.3 times higher than the hydraulic drive and about twice higher than the chain drive;

The 200hp cold planer adopting the four-wheel hydraulic drive technology realizes the theoretical gradeability up to 75% and the maximum tractive force up to 9 t;


Adopting the globally top-level drive belt that resists high temperature and shock because its strengthening layer is made of materials for flask vests;

Adopting the imported conveying belt that has strong resistance to tension because it is made of special materials with abrasion-resistance technologies;

Equipped with a water spraying system including a sturdy and durable irony water tank and an imported double-parallel-pump system;

Adopting high-strength abrasion-resistant steel plates at key positions to ensure high strength and long service life of the machine.

High Performance

Maximum milling depth of 280mm means that only a single pass is required to mill the surface course, binder course and base course;

Having the minimum turning radius of only 0.78 m and able to complete milling work in narrow areas;

Having a rotor with a load ratio of 9.2 t/m and able to excellently complete the construction of concrete and modified asphalt roads and other hard roads;

Equipped with a high and efficient quickly-disassembled conveying system in which the conveyor is 4.5 m high and can be disassembled only within 5 min.


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