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Single-cylinder road roller
SSR220AC-8 SANY Group Co.,Ltd


  • Type:


  • Operating weight:

    Min.: 22000 kg (48501.7 lb)

    Max.: 22000 kg (48501.7 lb)

    22000 kg (48501.7 lb)

  • Power:

    Min.: 147 kW (197.13 hp)

    Max.: 147 kW (197.13 hp)

    147 kW (197.13 hp)


1. High productivity

Stable and continuous operation in any jobsite, at high altitude or in 46℃ temperature
Automatic control of shifting and steering ensure quick maneuverability, improving efficiency
Full hydraulic drive system, stepless changing of speed

2. Compaction performance

Dual frequency, double amplitude vibratory mode produces greater excitation force
No shock or indentation left when the roller starts, increasing road surface smoothness
Taking only 3 seconds to start vibration with large displacement vibration motor

3.Safety first

Travel braking, parking braking and emergency braking all contribute to safe and stable operation
1m×1m rear view and optimized structure design give you superb visibility
Safe and comfortable cab with noise lower than 84dB protect the operator

4.Cost effective

Patented vibratory bearing with special lubrication structure extends the service life
Large displacement vibration pump and motor with low system pressure is highly reliable
No friction plate, main pump built in the rear, save maintenance costs


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