concrete truck-mixer concrete pump
SY310C-8 SANY Group



  • Applications:

    for concrete

  • Capacity:

    Min.: 0 m³ (0 ft³)

    Max.: 10 m³ (353.15 ft³)

  • Output:

    2, 3


Truck Mixer
Specialised Cab

Safe and Reliable
The framework structure and body welding are done by robot, offering the strictest regulation and certification on front collision and top pressure. The instrument panel and rearview mirror design is superior to the national standard, and there are no dead angles in the all-directional range of view.

Anti-fatigue and shock-absorbing
With a four-point full-suspension shock absorption cab and double-layer door sealing and noise reduction technology, the shock absorption effect of the cab matches the best models from Europe, America, and Japan. The cab mitigates fatigue from a bumpy drive, allowing you to work easier and longer.
The cab also keeps noise to a minimum and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye with red and black interior trim. The steering wheel is also equipped with the latest Bluetooth technologies.

Convenient, Quick Maintenance
The cab is able to tilt at large angle, so parts such as the engine and gearbox can be lifted out of the cab for maintenance. The front-mounted air conditioner can also be easily repaired by opening the front panel.