construction truck-mounted concrete pump
SYG5360THB 49 SANY Group



  • Applications:

    for construction

  • Output:

    Max.: 170 m³/h (6003.49 ft³/h)

    Min.: 120 m³/h (4237.76 ft³/h)


One Button Stabilization Technology
No matter how much vibration the boom incurs after being moved, a single press of a button is enough to make the boom stop steadily and immediately while the terminal hose positions quickly and precisely.

Boom Anti-Vibration Technology
Effectively mitigates boom jittering during the pumping process, with vibration amplitude decreasing by 50% and a stable terminal hose.

Energy-Saving Technology
Reversing rates of 29 times/minute (assuming system pressure of 12MPa), pumping efficiency increased by up to 25%, and fuel consumption reduced by 10%.

Anti-Swing Control Technology
New rotary braking technology decreases the boom’s rotary swing by 60%, achieving unprecedented precision in braking.

Fault Self-Diagnosis Technology
Monitor and diagnose your equipment in real time, decreasing troubleshooting by 70%. Spend less time finding the problem and more time being productive.