trailer-mounted concrete pump / for construction
HBT6013C-5 SANY Group



  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    for construction

  • Output:

    40, 65


Sany Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump
- Capable of operating under any condition from -22°C to 55°C
- Capable of operating continuously for up to 12 hours
- Can handle any fluid
Easily handles pumping of difficult concrete like B90, C150, and 3-gradation concrete
Can even pump materials such as silt, slag, waste materials, and mortar

Advanced, Intelligent Hydraulic System

Pressure difference sensing & reversing hydraulic system
The SANY trailer-mounted concrete pump adopts a pressure difference sensing and reversing technology, in addition to electro-hydraulic proportional buffering technology. The pump is able to filter impurities self-cyclically with an open-type system, keeping the hydraulic oil clean and cooled. This helps not only maximize system efficiency, but also mitigate abrasion between parts, thereby prolonging the equipment’s service life and reducing maintenance costs. It also features close-type system’s small reversing impact.