concrete mixer truck / diesel
SY308C-8(R) SANY Group

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concrete mixer truck / diesel concrete mixer truck / diesel - SY308C-8(R)


  • Applications:

    for concrete

  • Motor type:


  • Capacity:


    Max.: 8 m³ (282.52 ft³)

    Min.: 8 m³ (282.52 ft³)

  • Output:


    Max.: 3 m³/min (105.94 ft³/min)

    Min.: 3 m³/min (105.94 ft³/min)


SANY SY308C-8(R Dry) Truck Mixer is Safe and Reliable, Anti-fatigue and shock-absorbing, Convenient, Quick Maintenance and Elegant Style.
We use 5 technoligies:
Energy-saving Technology
With mixer truck matching technology, fuel consumption decreases by 10%.
Low Deck Technology
The series’ unprecedented “no sub-frame structure” drops the truck’s deck by 140mm to 200mm.
Flexible Steering Technology
By using a large-displacement power steering oil pump, the necessary operating force decreases by 40% and steering is facilitated. We’ve optimized the chassis pipeline and front axle’s steering angle, decreasing the mixer truck’s steering diameter by 15%.
Anti-Buildup Technology
The built-in three-section folded blade helps increase the discharge glide angle, decreasing buildup. In addition, a flushing device, innovative front taper and bal-crown connecting structure are installed at the rear taper to clear stagnant aggregate in the dead space and to prevent aggregate from piling up at front and rear tapers. With this, the residual rate at the discharge port declines to 0.4%.
Smart Operating Technology
The truck is equipped with a GPS system, mixer truck monitoring, record playback, event alarm, truck management, and statistics.
Maintenance Reminders
The C8 series offers a maintenance alarm service for the truck’s key components (including the engine, axles, gearbox, and others) to help you stay on top of truck maintenance and minimize any potential damages.