concrete mixer truck / diesel
SY308C-8 SANY Group



  • Applications:

    for concrete

  • Motor type:


  • Capacity:


    Max.: 8 m³ (282.52 ft³)

    Min.: 0 m³ (0 ft³)

  • Output:


    Max.: 2 m³/min (70.63 ft³/min)

    Min.: 2 m³/min (70.63 ft³/min)


High Safety and Low Cost

Safe Brake Technology

Make full use of the engine's auxiliary power braking, and realize joint operation with the brake, making the braking distance increased by 15%, and abrasion of brake lining decreased by 50%.

Large-power air compressor, high-quality pipeline, and brand-new sealing technology help shorten the inflation time and quicken the brake response.

Smart Operating Technology

The truck is equipped with a GPS system, mixer truck monitoring, record playback, event alarm, truck management, and statistics. You can instantly monitor the mixer truck's location, oil level, and discharge.

Energy-saving Technology

The engine is capable of running in dual-power, allowing it to adapt to different working conditions. With mixer truck matching technology, fuel consumption decreases by 10%.

Maintenance Reminders

The truck offers a maintenance alarm service for key components (including the engine, axles, gearbox, and others) to help you stay on top of truck maintenance and minimize any potential damages.