large excavator / crawler / Tier 4 - final / construction
SY365C SANY Group



  • Size:


  • Locomotion:


  • Engine type:

    Tier 4 - final

  • Applications:

    construction, mining and quarrying, for underground mining, forestry, for tunnels, landfill

  • Operating weight:

    35,200 kg (77,602.7 lb)

  • Engine power:

    205 kW (278.72 hp)


High efficiency and low consumption
Customized power control system
With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine outputs a continuously strong operating force. Optimized performance of the engine reduces power loss. The engine is designed to work in four modes according to different working conditions.

Arm regeneration circuit, faster digging speed and lower energy loss
A quick circuit is added to the arm oil cylinder circuit. The hydraulic oil arm cylinder rod end does not return the tank but goes directly to the cylinder head end. The arm speed is increased as a result. The fuel consumption is lower under this condition.

Auto deceleration system
Reduces fuel consumption by 5-10%.

Large-torque travel mechanism
Enhances driving force, reliability, and efficiency.

Optimized main valve
Kawasaki custom valve with movement coordination improves boom and arm operating speed, boom-down regeneration, and bucket confluence performance. This enables higher operating efficiency.

Advanced swing mechanism
The latest Kawasaki large torque swing mechanism is used and rotary torque is increased by 32% from 100.6kN.M to 132.8kN.M. Swing starting torque is enhanced with reduced swing drift.
Custom engine is environment-friendly engine and conforms to EPA Tier 2 and Eu Tier 2 emission standards.

Comfortable and safe cab
Adjustable cab
The height of seat, the inclination of backrest, the height of armrest, the seat position and the headrest can all be adjusted as desired.